Signs That Your Spouse Is Lying According To Las Vegas Mature Escorts

Contempt on the Face

Contempt is a disrespect and moral superiority feeling. This is among the dangerous micro-expressions of people in a relationship. It is shown in form of half-smile smirk with a mouth raised on one side. Contempt is used to show that a person has justified their lie while showing that they have gotten away with it. However, it is possible to see contempt on a liar’s face no matter how smart they think they are.

Running and Hiding

Unless a person is incredibly skilled in the use of body language, it’s easy to know their position in a conversation. People tend to align belly buttons with objects that interest them. When you ask a lying spouse a question that they don’t want to answer, they might unwittingly cover their mouth, eyes, or the whole face with their sunglasses, arm, or hand. This is a subconscious way of trying to disappear. Therefore, pay attention to the body-blocking behavior of a spouse that you suspect might be lying when you confront them.

Off-Balance Feeling

Liars can generally distort reality especially if they practice for some time. If your spouse is a chronic liar, they can make you feel like even the floor you are stepping on is shifting beneath your feet. For instance, they can present false information in a way that convinces you to believe them and start questioning your recollection. This is a form of manipulation known as gas-lighting. Common lines that gas-lighters or lying spouses use include ‘I didn’t say that- you’re making things up’.

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